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Measure, plan and estimate on tablet

Draw room freehand

Then enter dimensions

Just like you do on paper!

Plan your pieces by drag and drop


Use the autoplanner

You can review the Floor Plan with the customer to confirm pile direction and seam positions

The fitter is given good guidance including net measurements

Shows all the quantities needed to cost the job

Gain margin from “just sufficient” underlay & gripper calculation

Flooring Estimating App for Windows, iOS (iPad & Mac) and Android

Base system

For up to 3 users, max 1 logged in at once

The most usable floor measurement app and floor planning app on the market

Price £39 per month. Support (and new versions as released) are included in the price

Provides measuring, cut planning and floor plan for plain roll materials and non-roll materials (wood, laminate, LVT), based on net area + % allowance. Provides quantification in a job report.

Jobs are in the Cloud, installed locally on your Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet. Job files held locally or else on your server

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