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Measure, Plan and Estimate on tablet

Draw room freehand

Then enter dimensions

Just like you do on paper!

Plan your pieces by drag and drop


Use the autoplanner

You can review the Floor Plan with the customer to confirm pile direction and seam positions

The fitter is given good guidance including net measurements

Shows all the quantities needed to cost the job

Gain margin from “just sufficient” underlay & gripper calculation

In home measuring, planning and costing

MasterPiece is available as a floor measuring and estimating app on Windows, iOS (iPad & Mac) and Android devices.

Windows: tablet PC, laptop, desktop

Jobs stored locally on the machine (or own server)
– can be synced to other machines via Google Drive

Upfront license purchase, else pay monthly

All capabilities available on both tablet PC in home and the desktop/laptops in store.

Download free 30 days trial!

Windows, iOS (iPad & Mac), Android devices

Jobs stored in cloud, immediately accessible by all your users (also stored on local machine)

Pay monthly according to number of simultaneous users

Download free 30 days trial!

What are the benefits?

  • Professional presentation in the customer’s home
  • Evenings no longer spent clearing a backlog of plans
  • Competitiveness from tighter plans, and ‘just sufficient’ underlay/gripper
  • Reduction in mistakes benefits your bottom line
  • Revisions quick and easy to do, while on the spot with the customer
  • Fitters get consistent and clear plans, free from handwriting
  • Plans no longer go missing, just print another!
  • New recruit becomes a reliable estimators in days, not months!

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