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Measure, plan, data collect, cost and settle with policy holder

Draw room freehand

Then enter dimensions

Just like you do on paper

Plans can be provided to partner retailers to avoid a 2nd visit to measure

Firstly a Like for Like costing is generated

Customer can be upsold with a betterment

All information is passed back to the insurance centre electronically

Insurance Validation

Measure, plan, data collect, cost and settle while with customer.

MasterPiece is specialist flooring claims validation and management software for insurance replacement and restoration contractors. As well as providing carpet cutting plan and floor plan layout, the software collects the validation information and generates a like for like replacement estimate. Plans and Information collected by the surveyor are aggregated at the insurance centre.

What are the benefits?

  • Software tailorable to your business process and settlement options
  • Electronic access to completed jobs at your central office, no faxing of paper
  • Software guides the surveyor through the validation process
  • Consistent format and standard, no handwriting
  • Plans transmissible to partner retailers in PDF format
  • Policy holder no longer needs to suffer a second visit to measure
  • Enables monitoring of jobs against key performance indicators
  • Supports audit, eg with a long term archive of jobs
  • New recruit becomes a reliable estimators in days, not months!

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